Blogging 101

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Yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday was my 100th blog post (for this blog anyway). But since it was, well… wordless I didn’t mention it. For post 101 I’ll share a few things I have learned about blogging since my first post.

1. Posting anything controversial will get a eleventy billion hits and comments… and most of them aren’t nice. But it will also get your blog the #1 spot on google for those search terms.

2. Creating a tutorial that seems to be missing from the intertubes also earns eleventy billion hits and a #1 spot. Even if the pictures do suck.

3. Posting any pictures of your kids will results in pervy search terms leading to your blog.

4. Putting google ads on your blog will make you a jillionaire… in about 40 million years.

5. Eye candy + sarcasm = a winning combo.

6. Almost any topic you can think of can lead to side stories about your childhood.

7. Ranting blog posts are therapeutic, but you better know your audience… and hope your boss doesn’t read your blog.

8. Ironically, writing about failure to write has resulted in some really long posts.

9. Re-reading old posts can make you cringe, but it might also make you smile.


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