I love love LOVE to play with tape measures. In fact, right now, I’m thinking I need one in my office at work to play with. This light fixture has me drooling and wanting to try and copy it.

The squeak as you tighten them up, pushing the center out to make a little round pyramid. Seeing how tall you can make that pyramid until the whole thing colapses due to unwinding. Ahhh… so fun.

The sewing room is a pit. I’ve been trying to clean it out all week. Unfortuately, I’m starting to hit a roadblock where the usable space in there is so small that I really am going to have to look at buying new furniture. I’ve been scouring craigslist. Ideally I want to find a murphy bed, and a really nice curio cabinet (and by really nice I mean banged up and old).

Right now there is a daybed in there, and you can’t even get underneath it for all the storage boxes full of fabric. Good God. Does one person really need so much fabric? OF COURSE I DO!!! Actually, at some point, I am going to go through and pitch anything that I wouldn’t buy today. I also tend to be a scrap hoarder, and I NEVER use them. I need to get rid of that habit.

Wish me luck on my craigslist finds.

Busy weekend. I spent most of it working on the flower girl dress and I am happy to report it is done(!) except for the hem. Even the little jacket for just in case it’s chilly on October 5 in Texas is done.

Can you see the sparklies in the fabric? This is such a princess dress. The entire inside is lined, so no itching! and it has these wide ties on the back that are about a foot longer than the hem, so when you tie the bow, the tails will still nearly touch the ground.

The pattern for the jacket was this little shrug patten made for furs. But it’s so cute in the same pink glittery satin. Yummmm.

You know, I really really love sewing little girl dresses. I would love to do it professionally, but no idea how to get started with that. And besides, the choice words that come from my sewing room when I’m working on them, are not fit for the deck of a pirate ship, much less my 5 year old’s ears. But the satisfaction of a pretty dress and a job well done mean so much to me.

So, I’ll admit, I don’t update enough. I guess I’d just rather be making stuff, than writing about making stuff. Or actually, these days, it might just be that I’d rather lay around and read. I’ve been so lazy lately, and I have so much to do. My baby (5) girl is going to be a flower girl in one of my oldest friends wedding, and I have only 95% finished her shrug so far. Sigh, I really need to get sewing.

I’m making her this dress:

in a precious pink satin that has all these little glittery sparkles all over it. Oh how I love lined dresses. They just make the dress that much sweeter. (And then my daughter prefers them cuz they don’t itch!)

I also promised to make her a She-go costume (a la Kim Possible). Ugh!!! There are no patterns for this! So, for fun, (right) I’m going to alter a power rangers costume into a cute little-girls-gone-evil-side-kick costume. At least she wants to be a villian this year. I’m tired of princesses.

And I haven’t even started with all the clothing supplies I’ve bought for myself. I guess I feel like, “what’s the point? I have no shoes to wear with all these great things?” Not that I’m the queen of fashion or anything, but someday, I’d like to give it a try. And I keep finding great fabric. Sigh, if only I could bring myself to cut it.

God, I’m a mess!