For the last four mornings, we’ve taken to dropping Alex at the door to her school rather than walking her all the way to her classroom. While it’s a bit of a relief – and a lot less hassle – to not have to park the car on the street, get everyone and all her stuff out of the car, and schlepp across the drive to get her in the front door, it still makes me sad. My little girl is growing up! I know that it’s my job to make her independant, and I love seeing her accomplishments, but sometimes I miss the tiny baby she once was.

She still cracks me up. This picture was taken after she was AWFULLY quiet for a good while. And you know what a quiet kid means… I can’t believe she did this herself. It’s adorable and probably one of my favorite pictures from the year. (BTW, when she finally took the boots off, we discovered she had her tennis shoes on inside. Ingenious!)

When we were on vacation and walking down a hall one day, (and I know this story is just NOT going to be what it was when we were there) she was pretending to be a robot. She was walking with her arms straight out in front of her and her legs sort of shuffling along. “I am a ro-bot” she kept repeating. If that wasn’t funny enough. All of a sudden, she stops in the middle of the hallway, and with her arms still sticking out and moving up and down slightly, she does a 360 turn and continues on. I didn’t know she had such a vivid imagery of robots!

I swear, we’ve got to get her watching Nick instead of Sci-Fi. She might grow up thinking she’s a dalek or something. The kid loves the weirdest shows. Stargate SG-1 was her favorite, but now she settles for Atlantis. She also loved Dr. Who (which she called The Doctor and Rose), Smallville, and – wait for it – football?! Yeah, that last one… totally her grandparents doing.


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