Ever since Chris showed me this:

I can’t do a google search and go past page one without feeling that I am somehow offending the gods. This had led to all manner of rearranging and redefining search terms in hopes that what I’m looking for will show up in the first 10 entries and therefore be legit.

Did I mention I’m not a geek?

Anyway, what reminded me of this image? I was viewing my pathetic website stats (really? 20 some hits yesterday… yip. ee.) and one of my favorite parts is checking out the search terms that people use to find me. Yeah, top terms? “Ribbon Storage Box“. Followed closely by any manner of those three words with the word “tutorial”. Second? “Simplicity 3835“. There are lots more. Several have had me raising my eyebrows. Seriously, who googles “www.jmday.com” instead of just going there? And I’m not sure who this other “Alexis in Texas” is, but I’m willing to bet the persons searching for that are not looking for pie.

But today… Today I got the weirdest search yet. “A”. Yeah, just the letter all by itself. No wait, it was actually “a”. Ok, I had to go try that one for myself. I clicked through 50 search result pages without finding even a hint of this blog. I mean, I knew I wasn’t going to be at the top of the list… or even near the middle, but how desperate was the guy who was doing that search? And what the hell was he looking for?*

And** just because we’re talking letters (ok, we’re not, I’m just rambling on as usual) I have to mention this awesome quilt over at Stitched In Color. This picture in particular just speaks to me. What does it say, you ask?

R is for Argyle“, of course.

*By the way, if you were the one who did this search, I’d love to hear about it… And if you aren’t a guy, my apologies.

**And don’t I start a lot of my sentences with “and”? I wonder what would happen if you googled “and”… Hmmm. Someone do it and report back. I don’t have time to click through 99 pages of search results.


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