Mug Rug Bug

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I have to admit that for the longest time I was thinking “WTF is the point of a <insert snicker here> mug rug?” It just seemed so trite. So… um, quilting for the sake of just finishing something. With no respect for the real process and the ungodly amount of time the process — is supposed to — take.

Not to mention the way the name makes me giggle. I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what I was thinking the first time I heard the term… and if you don’t see it, well, then your mind isn’t as dirty as mine… good for you! I admit to being as immature about the whole thing as QuiltDad… (Who, BTW, is totally freaking awesome. How did I not know about him either? I am so old and out of touch.)

But then…. I noticed the completely disgusting old paper towel that I had my coffee sitting on at work. OMG. I swear, you wouldn’t want to touch that thing even if you were wearing an entire hazmat suit and wrapped in saran wrap to boot. I think it actually got up and walked over to the trash can by itself this weekend. It probably heard that I was going to cave and make this:

Yep. A mug rug. But seriously, could we come up with another name? ‘Cuz the snickering every time I hear (or say) “mug rug” is starting to annoy the people around me.

So, now I get it. I really do. I have all these tutorials stuck in my head, and the mug rug (gag) is the perfect vessel for getting them photographed so I can share them. This little tiny itty bitty quilt (I think I need to make a yellow polka dot one… don’t you?) has been photographed more than anything else I have ever made. I think my camera is going to throw up if it sees red, brown, yellow and green ever again. But I’m so glad to be using up some of this jelly roll of some Moda line that I bought a zillion years ago.

No kidding… never. buying. a. jellyroll. again.  I know, right? Now I’m doomed to fall in love with at least 52 more.

As luck would have it, Alexis made her yummy Personal Peachberry pies… So there is even an action shot. Well, half way. I had already had dessert, and that mug is empty… so it’s really more like a posed “action” shot. Sort of like that picture of me doing a round house kick at Chris’ head. Totally not real. And, yes, I can hold my foot up that high for that long… or at least, I used to be able to.

Anyway… stay tuned for tutorials (bunches of them… because the only post I get daily traffic on from Google is my ribbon box…) and recipes. And other stuff… Probably more mug rugs… I don’t have time for anything else. But I need to find a swap, because, really, how many crumb covered, coffee stained tiny quilts does one person need?


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