Way back at the begining of the year I did a craft show (my first and last so far). I only sold about $90 worth of stuff that day, but the most raved about items were a little stuffed chicken and pig. I sold both of those that day (probably for way too little money) and began making stuffed animals for my Etsy shop. So far the elephants have been the overwhelming leader, but people like my cats too. But no one loves the chickens.

They have been in my shop for over 6 months. At first, I had them listed seperately, but thinking that maybe people wanted the set, I decided to list them as a group. For a while, I thought of listing them with a Mac like campaign. You know, the black one is $400 more for no good reason? Ok, I admit, I have a bizarre sense of humor.

Poor poor chickens. They really need a new home… Should I make some little felted eggs for them to sit on?

I’m not usually a huge fan of the Container Store’s wrapping paper. It’s overpriced, and what’s worse is they give you very little. But… I was there TRYING to find a box for a gift and figured I would just get the wrapping paper there, too, so I wouldn’t have to make another stop. So here I am standing in front of the typical white wedding paper wanting to vomit in pretty colors all over it. I hate all that sparkly, swirly, white and silver garbage, it’s just not me, and it’s definitely not the bride I was giving the gift to. But lo and behold just one display case over was this:

How perfect! It’s still those neutral bridal colors, but so much more modern. And I’m a huge sucker for chocolate brown anyway. I bought a pretty (though normal and plain) teal blue gift bow to put on it, and I gotta tell ya, it was perfect. I only wish I had taken a picture of the wrapped shower gift. I will take a picture of the wedding gift when it’s wrapped. (Sorry Sarah, no clues as to what your present is here…. Except, I’ll tell you that I bought it on Etsy)

Later, I’ll tell you all what I bought, and from whom. :)

Sheesh, it’s not even Halloween yet, and the Christmas items are on the shelves at most hobby stores, and in department stores, too. Am I the only person in the world who remembers when Christmas items started trickling out AFTER Halloween, but were still mostly held back until after Thanksgiving? It’s ridiculous. Which is why I feel positively stupid for listing Christmas items in my etsy shop already. But here goes.

I’ve started with this little ticket. It’s so pretty, I almost don’t want to sell it, but it’s not really my style (in fact, I don’t really have a style…. Someone needs to nominate me for What Not to Wear, I’m so bad at dressing myself).

I’ve got a couple more Christmas items to list and a million ideas. Finding the time to execute them is a different story. This past weekend was extremely busy, and the coming week doesn’t promise to be much better. I still need to hem that dress! Yikes!

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