I’m not usually a huge fan of the Container Store’s wrapping paper. It’s overpriced, and what’s worse is they give you very little. But… I was there TRYING to find a box for a gift and figured I would just get the wrapping paper there, too, so I wouldn’t have to make another stop. So here I am standing in front of the typical white wedding paper wanting to vomit in pretty colors all over it. I hate all that sparkly, swirly, white and silver garbage, it’s just not me, and it’s definitely not the bride I was giving the gift to. But lo and behold just one display case over was this:

How perfect! It’s still those neutral bridal colors, but so much more modern. And I’m a huge sucker for chocolate brown anyway. I bought a pretty (though normal and plain) teal blue gift bow to put on it, and I gotta tell ya, it was perfect. I only wish I had taken a picture of the wrapped shower gift. I will take a picture of the wedding gift when it’s wrapped. (Sorry Sarah, no clues as to what your present is here…. Except, I’ll tell you that I bought it on Etsy)

Later, I’ll tell you all what I bought, and from whom. :)


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