Sheesh, it’s not even Halloween yet, and the Christmas items are on the shelves at most hobby stores, and in department stores, too. Am I the only person in the world who remembers when Christmas items started trickling out AFTER Halloween, but were still mostly held back until after Thanksgiving? It’s ridiculous. Which is why I feel positively stupid for listing Christmas items in my etsy shop already. But here goes.

I’ve started with this little ticket. It’s so pretty, I almost don’t want to sell it, but it’s not really my style (in fact, I don’t really have a style…. Someone needs to nominate me for What Not to Wear, I’m so bad at dressing myself).

I’ve got a couple more Christmas items to list and a million ideas. Finding the time to execute them is a different story. This past weekend was extremely busy, and the coming week doesn’t promise to be much better. I still need to hem that dress! Yikes!


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