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The sewing room is a pit. I’ve been trying to clean it out all week. Unfortuately, I’m starting to hit a roadblock where the usable space in there is so small that I really am going to have to look at buying new furniture. I’ve been scouring craigslist. Ideally I want to find a murphy bed, and a really nice curio cabinet (and by really nice I mean banged up and old).

Right now there is a daybed in there, and you can’t even get underneath it for all the storage boxes full of fabric. Good God. Does one person really need so much fabric? OF COURSE I DO!!! Actually, at some point, I am going to go through and pitch anything that I wouldn’t buy today. I also tend to be a scrap hoarder, and I NEVER use them. I need to get rid of that habit.

Wish me luck on my craigslist finds.


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