I was going through my (not that big, but still too much to comfortably store in my way over crowded house) stash when I came across the fabric leftovers from when I made the kids’ stockings. (The whole story of the stockings is perhaps a very long story for another time.) I was going to just donate it or throw it out (as some of the fabric was as old as Alexis), but then I came across this post on Faith’s blog. I know, I know, it seems like all of my intel comes from her blog. I think I might be completely clueless in the awesome quilty blog-o-sphere if it weren’t for her.

So anyway, I obviously knew what I needed to do.  So here they are. Two stockings for the Stockings for Kids — a very worthy cause that provides (stuffed) stockings to foster kids. Quick to whip up and cute to boot.

The stockings are made from a template I created from Chris’ and my stockings (both store bought) years ago when I first made Alexis’ stocking. Oddly enough, when I went to cut the second stocking out, I realized I must have inadvertently thrown away the paper template that I had saved for over nine years… So I had to recreate my pattern from the first piece I’d cut out.

There are two differences from the stockings I made for my kids and these. The first is that the quilting is just horizontal(-ish) lines instead of a criss cross pattern. I actually like this quilting much better. Or maybe I just like that it is quilted in half the time…. Ok, not really. The only thing I’m not sure about is the tracks across poor Santa’s face. It looks like he’s been run over by a freight train or something.

The second thing is that these are actually lined. I did not line the ones for Alexis and Sean because Chris’ and my stockings are not lined. I really don’t think it was necessary, I’ve never had any trouble with the stocking stuffers catching on the batting, but the lining does add a nice weight to the finished stocking. And I had these two adorable green prints that have been in my stash forever.

The only thing that bothers me a teensy bit, is that the stocking on the right has two different thread colors for the quilting. I didn’t want to use red thread on the front of a very bluish fabric scene. Do you think it’s too obvious?


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