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If you’re wondering why my blog entries have suddenly become few and far between, (and I know there only about 6 of you out there who even care) I’ve got it. Writer’s block. Oh sure, I’ve thought about writing about many different things: the socks I just finished (again), the baby shower gifts I’m making, the new painting that has sat untouched on the easel (that I got for Christmas!) for at least 3 weeks, the ideas to start illustrating some of my dad’s stories to surprise him, even the internal battle that is going on concerning my martial arts training, but for some reason I just can’t make myself write about them.

Hell, it’s not like there isn’t plenty to talk about with the Presidential race and the failing economy, but if I can’t talk about it with friends, I am surely not going to share my opinions to the world. Politics, money and religion are off the table for sure.

I guess, for me, it’s really important that a blog be visually appealing as well as entertaining to read. I can’t tell you how many blogs I have stumbled right past because the picture at the top (or lack thereof), or the layout are unappealing. Often I don’t even read the title of the first post. As shallow as that seems, I know I’m not the only one. And as I watch my blog stats see saw with occasional days of a gillion and one hits from StumbleUpon users, I wonder how many of them are doing just what I do. I’d love to get stats on how many people actually stay and read for a while.

The point is, that I feel sort of like I NEED a picture in every post. And while some of the most frequently visited entries are imageless, I still can’t shake the notion that it has to be there. And lately, my picture taking skills are at an all time low. I’ve got at least 5 items to list on Etsy that always come out blurry in photos. And there is yet another topic. The tremor and the other permanent side effects of having Guillian-Barre. And how about the depression that arises from those symptoms?

This past weekend as I was very carefully trying to piece together quilt pieces so that they all had very neat 1/4 inch seams, I started to realize that if my hands being shakey isn’t bad enough, my machine tends to take my fabric and twist it counter-clockwise, so that guiding it through the feed dogs/foot is more of a tug-of-war match than sewing. So now I have the added burden of researching and finding a new sewing machine. Not that I really NEED one, but I think it’s probably time to move on from the $200 White that I’ve had for almost 9 years.

So, potentially, there is plenty to write about, but I guess the block is more about the writing itself. I need to sit down and make myself do it every morning again. Somehow that little bit of alone time  has morphed into shipping packages, paying bills and other dreary, but necessary tasks. Somehow I need to recapture that 45 mintes to an hour for myself. And my readers.

(All two of you.)


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  1. Rebecca on January 23rd, 2008 6:45 pm

    I’m at least one of the two. :) I check regularly, even if you don’t write regularly. And I’ve actually posted something weekly on myspace… although… It’s not interesting. :) And no pictures. I’m getting a camera for my birthday from Seth, though.

  2. Karen Beth on January 24th, 2008 8:58 am


    Hopefully our TAW journey will help with the writer’s block.

    I think it will. :)

  3. More than I can chew : I’m not a geek, but I play one in real life on January 24th, 2008 12:27 pm

    [...] STEP) that is supposed to teach you to unlock your creative potential. Maybe it will help with the Writer’s block. Thanks [...]

  4. Susan on January 25th, 2008 9:35 am

    Four. I read waaaaaay more than I write. I’m moving too slowly, craft-wise, and don’t want to bore people, so I don’t do anything. I need motivation too! And time. Even your writer’s block post is fascinating, though. I love how you let slip so many interesting details about yourself.

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