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I was once again desperately searching through my iPhoto library looking for blog inspiration when I came across these photos. They’re post processed with an app called Poladroid.

Aren’t they fun?

I love how it instantly makes the photos look like they were taken in the 70s… Have you ever noticed that photos from back then just look different? And I’m not talking in an old yellowing sort of way. More of a life-was-brighter-and-we-wore-lots-of-patterned-cotton-shirts-in-bright-Holly-Hobby-colors-with-our-overalls. (Which is funny since the colors in these photos seems more muted.) There also seems to be a frightening number of photos of toilets from that era (you saw the one on the poladroid homepage didn’t you?).

I remember when my brother and I got our first cameras… they were big bulky blue polaroids. I remember how expensive the damn film was… and if that wasn’t bad enough, the flash cartridges were insanely priced as well. But it was so fun to run ride your bike around the block with this giant camera bouncing against your chest on its strap and taking terribly aimed photos of the most mundane stuff and then waiting anxiously for the picture to develop. I wonder if I have any of those old pictures around… I bet my brother still has his camera. He saves everything.

I don’t know, maybe old photos just evoke memories of a certain innocence that we all lose when we become adults. At any rate, it is a fun app. You actually have to wait for the photo to “develop”. You can, of course, “shake” the photo to get it to develop faster… (Did that actually work?) And you can only “take” (read: process) 10 photos at a time. Fingerprints and scratches can be added. Try it out. Then show me your pictures! (and no, they aren’t paying me to say that… it’s a free app!)


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