There is a shelf in our garage with all of these unglazed pots on it.

My favorite is the bird house. It’s the third one I’ve made, and I learned a bit about designing them after a momma bird built her nest in one of the others. For example, that little perch would have been really helpful to her… as it was she had to land on our clothesline (yes! we are that low tech!) and then sort of hop-fly into the opening. Precarious at best when you’re carrying a big fat bug in your mouth for your obnoxiously chirping babies.

I’m not nuts about the canisters, but they are pretty well balanced and probably actually useful (as opposed to some of the wonkier ones I’ve made). I love the bowl, and there is a tiny bud vase that isn’t shown in these pictures that I also love.

They’ve been sitting there for years just waiting for me to finish them. Actually, there were lots more, but I decided to only keep the best ones with the hope that someday I will either start taking classes again (in all my voluminous spare time), or I will drive my butt all. the. way. down. to the clay store and buy some glaze. Then I’d only have to find a place to fire them.

On the other hand, they’re really pretty where they are, and I really like seeing them whenever I walk into the house. A little bit of beauty in an otherwise totally and completely trashed out garage*.

*Ok, maybe it’s not really that bad.


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  1. Sarah on May 19th, 2011 12:02 pm

    I love the little pots you gave me! I have a friend who I work with who has a complete clay workshop in his back yard. He lives less than a mile from me and maybe he’d let you use his kiln. Super cool guy, let me throw on his wheel once (I made a lopsided bowl).

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