I can’t believe it’s already been guessed! Jennifer guessed a bird… and while that’s not as specific as I had hoped, I really don’t feel like it would be fair to continue…

So here’s what the next clue would have been:

And this is the completed top all pin-basted and ready for quilting. I wish I had a better picture of it before I basted (and started quilting if anyone is keeping score), but I just couldn’t capture the colors.

I ended up taking this one out on the lawn this evening to get enough natural light to show the colors off. The whole time it was threatening to rain on me, so the light wasn’t the greatest, but good enough.

I know some of you will recognize this particular firebird. He’s (She’s???) missing her crest for now, but I’ll embroider that on after the other quilting is done. You can barely see where I’ve started the quilting above the bird. I’m planning on a sort of rays/sunburst pattern all around the bird, but I’m not sure how to quilt the bird himself.

I hope you like it as much as I do. And Jennifer, I hope you like your little sachets… Alexis was inspired by them and so she made this little sachet herself (Her first time sewing on the machine!)


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