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Ok, so this is an obligatory eye-candy/fabric-stash post. There has been a bit of — err — conflict in the quilt blog-o-sphere about this kind of post lately. So I’ll just say that it’s not often that I go out and glut myself on fabric. These two stacks were just begging to be photographed. And since they are so pretty I wanted to share them with you. I appreciate a good bit of fabric porn occasionally (fairly often even). I didn’t arrange them, they’re just where they fell when I was moving stuff out of the reach of tiny hands (and mouths).

Not a whole lot to say about these stacks that the pictures themselves don’t convey. (ETA: Yet, I still managed to go on and on and on…)

This first stack are the fat quarters that I’ll be using for Alexis’ new quilt. They’re a combination of Moda and Kona solids. Pay no attention to the Moda charm pack that snuck into the pile… I know it just wants to join the party. I suppose in a way it will because I used it to find the backing fabric for her quilt. Of course, I seem to always change my mind on the backing after the top is pieced so I might just have a big giant 3.75 yards of Aqua Andrea from Moda’s Sugar Pop. It is the third fabric from the top in the stack below.

And speaking of the stack below above, I ordered it from Sew, Mama, Sew. It was my first order and I was blown away by the package I received. The fact that they took the time to carefully fold each fabric and then tie them with a strip of one of the prints I ordered was almost more than I could take. I think I actually squealed when I opened the package. It took me almost a week to open the cellophane bag they came in, and I only did that because I needed to get the Kona Coal out (4th one down) for the back of the Mystery Quilt. It’s like they knew exactly what was aesthetically pleasing to me. :)

I haven’t figured out exactly what I’m going to do for the top of Alexis’ quilt, but I’m going to start with 4 inch half-square triangles. As I discovered before, they can be arranged in lots of cool ways.


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