Well, we’re back from “The World” – that’s DisneyWorld to you lay people. Altogether, it was a really nice trip. The DVC Members Cruise was fun, but for some reason this time the food was lacking it’s usual luster. It’s not a really big issue though, as the family and I are not really big eaters. Why go on a cruise? Aren’t cruises all about the food? Some cruises might be — and I have no frame of reference — but Disney cruises are all about Castaway Cay. This has to be the cleanest most beautiful beach in all the world. And I mean it. Somehow the whole island just reeks of Disney. There is not so much as a leaf of seaweed on any of the beaches, the sand is perfectly contained to the beaches and doesn’t invade the “inland” spaces and walkways. Ok, so before this turns into a commercial…

This trip we tried a new hotel for the three nights after the cruise returned (sniff). We decided to give it a go finally, batten down the hatches and try out Shades of Green, the hotel reserved for military personnel. Now, I’m a firm believer in “you get what you pay for” and I went into this hotel expecting a dumpy brown building with boring brown rooms and the smell of 1980′s carpet. I was nicely surprised. The hotel itself was nicely designed, but overall lacked Disney’s theming. But hell, for the price we paid — cost is based on a person’s pay grade — it was clean, and spacious.

Every day on the trip, I kept thinking of things I wanted to write here. I had about 10 great ideas I’m sure, but honestly, I can’t remember any of them. Some day, I’ll learn that taking notes, is generally helpful, but until then, I will remain scatterbrained and spontaneous (ha!!).

I did decide I was going to revamp the site, and change this blog from strictly about my art, to one that is more about me. I have four blogs at the moment, and keeping up with all of them is, well, more than painful. In goes all my blogging about returning to Tang Soo Do, the depression I’ve been battling lately, all my stupid ailments that no one can figure out and my inherent non-geekiness. Although, some parts of the other blogs will have to be toned down as this one is much more public. :)

I also decided that starting today, I’m going to try (very hard!!) to take a picture of my daughter every day. I’d love to see the progression when it’s all done. Which leads me to the next thing, what is a good camera to buy? I want something compact and lightweight and pretty much point and shoot, I’m not into all that fancy-schmancy photo gear that plagues my husband’s camera.


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