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Well 3 more days until we leave for Florida and the Bahamas. And I’m happy to say I’ve gotten all of my Etsy orders for Halloween packaged and shipped. I’m actually down to only one Halloween item left. A little lonely pumpkin:

And I’ve had enough of black cats to last me a life time. I do have just ONE more to make for a customer who has been very patient with me while I look for the perfect black cashmere sweater for hers. But she’s not buying for Halloween, just because he reminds her of her sweet deceased pet. :(

I’m so ready for that vacation! The last week has been a confusing mess of trying to package and ship items. I really hope I didn’t get any of them mixed up. (Now, I’m not so sure I would ever want to be the featured seller on Etsy.) I also ran out of promo packs… So I need to either buy some stuff so people will send me promos to pass on, or I need to find promo donations somewhere.

I’ve also really got to get cracking on the Christmas items, and start perusing the items on Etsy for gifts! Speaking of gifts, I promised I would show you what I got for my friend Sarah’s wedding. She recieved it last night and loved it. Or, maybe she’s a really good faker. Honestly though, how could you not love these:

I bought them from JDWolfe’s shop. Oh she does such a great job. The colors on the glazes are just beautiful, and the bowls are flawless. I highly recommend anything from her.


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