Alexis brought homework home for a parent tonight. It was this grid thing with letters down one side and numbers across the top, and pictures drawn in some of the squares. There were 4 questions (plus a bonus question worth 200 points). Each question was really just a “what is in square A3?” type of thing. Well, I made Chris do the homework, because well, I already played the subtraction card game with her — which was actually hard and kinda fun, but I digress.

So Chris answers all of the questions with her standing over his shoulder coaching him. When he finishes (and the bonus question was hard I tell ya — it was a trick question — there is no cell E1!) she looks at him and snatches the page and says, “I’m going to grade it now.” Which she does with very little fanfare.

As it turns out she was actually supposed to return this parental homework, but she left it sitting on the computer desk between us. I picked it up to take it to her homework bag — don’t ask me, I don’t know why they don’t just use a folder — when I noticed the grade she gave Chris.


Seriously. I guess he passed.


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