I’ve been up since 4:30. Chris had to leave (again) this morning, to go help with Hurricane Ike. Sigh. All I know, is if he isn’t back for vacation, heads will roll.

Anyway, we spent the weekend at my aunt’s house. My grandmother (and her twin, of course!) is turning ninety – YES.. 90! – this week, so there was a big family party over the weekend. It is always nice to see family that you often only see once per year. In fact, some of them (grandma’s twin sister) I haven’t seen in at least a couple of years. Anyway, what all of this means is that yesterday, while I was waiting for Chris to come pick us up after his drill weekend, I had lots of spare time to knit. You know, cuz I couldn’t do any housework, cuz I wasn’t at home, which means…

The Butterfly Dress is nearly off the needles. She’s beautiful, and I hope blocks up nicely. But this project has been a major pain in the butt! I think I ripped out everything after the hem about 4 times before I got a good start. And lace is a bitch to frog. How in the hell do you pick the stitches back up? So everything I had to frog after I finally got a good start had to be de-knitted and picked out one stitch at a time. Thankfully, the longest stretch I frogged was only about 9 rows. But it was worth it. There are not too many noticeable mistakes, which just shocks the hell outta me. Pictures coming soon…

Now I need to get a pattern for a slip dress, and material to make it. Right, in my spare time. I still need to finish a commission for a wool blanket from last spring, quilt the new baby quilt, finish the tee-shirts I’m making for vacation (more on those in another post), and finish printing a bunch of stuff for vacation. All of this while playing single parent, trying to get the A/C fixed,  and finishing up a release at work. Yeah, I have lots of time on my hands. Would someone please call Mary Poppins for me?


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