I am so bad. I got picked for the Moon Munkie Mystery Make about a month ago, and was supposed to get this project finished and posted by sometime last week. Well the project was done, but I couldn’t get decent photos of it because of weather and DST! But no more excuses because I managed to snap a few decent ones at lunch today.

For those of you who don’t know what Moon Munkie’s Mystery Make is all about here’s a quick recap: Moon Munkie sends out 4 bundles of mystery stuff and the “winners” have to make something using some or all of the mystery stuff within 4 weeks of receiving their package. This is what she sent me:


Oh dear. It’s purple. You all know how I feel about purple. Well, honestly I don’t hate it, I am just still kind of done with it sinceĀ this quilt. But no matter, that fat quarter has better things in store for it. Like this:

Outer Cover - Moon Munkie Mystery

I decided to make a notebook cover like this one from Rachel at Stitched in Color. Easy peasy. Only, I didn’t want plain stripes. Oh, no, I had to make it hard. So I decided to make chevrons or zig zags or whatever you want to call them (Is there a difference? No, seriously I really don’t know). If you look closely at all the pictures you can definitely see where I had to squeak out a little bit of fabric with creative piecing to complete the pattern.

Pleasantly, the purple became quite muted after I’d created the “new” fabric!

Front Cover - Moon Munkie Mystery

The charm squares she sent along helped me get enough length in the strip of fabric I would need to hold the whole cover on. And they make a nice pocket for all the junk that is forever falling out of my notebook.

I did have to add a couple of my own scraps in the back because I used up just about all of the fabric she sent along.

Back Cover - Moon Munkie Mystery

And for kicks, I made a little bookmark string from the embroidery floss and some of the buttons.

Alexis saw this thing and wanted it immediately. And to be honest I had planned to give it to her when I was done. But I changed my mind. I like it, I’m keeping it. She can make her own.

So this was a fun experiment, and I might be playing along and creating my own bundles soon. So stay tuned if you are interested in making something from a big package of mystery stuff!


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  1. Jemma Fifield on April 15th, 2012 10:12 am

    Wow! That’s lovely. Well done for taking part in my mystery make. And sorry about the purple!

  2. Made By Yours Truly on April 16th, 2012 12:54 pm

    That is seriously clever! Love it.

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