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Look was waiting for me in the mailbox last night!

Two whole skeins of this gorgeous wool/nylon blend, worsted weight yarn by DyeFi. It’s got this sheen to it, which makes it look like spun precious metals, and it absolutely sparkles. The colors in this photo really pop, and as I was winding it into a center pull cake, it seemed very bright and very definitive in color changes. But I couldn’t stand it, I had to see it knitted up. The stripes are very wide – much wider than I anticipated when winding it up – but they sort of melt into each other.


So, as we speak it is being knit into the Baby Bolero pattern from OneSkein by Leigh Radford. The model in the book is done in cotton (ugh) and so the whole project just looks sort of bulky and flat. Have you ever noticed how the yarn makes the pattern? Anyhow, something told me it would be so cute in stripes. I think it will actually be very gender neutral despite all the sparkle.

I was also pleased to have a non-splitty yarn for the next project. Lately every yarn I’ve knat is extremely splitty. When I first saw it, I thought it was really strange that it has a little nylon net around a wool core. (How do you suppose they get the wool IN there anyway? Do they have a tiny sausage machine for wool?) And I wondered how it would knit up. I’m a big fan of fuzzy sweaters, and I was afraid it might be too smooth. But the fabric is really very light and airy. I hope that when I block it, it does expand a little. The pattern calls for size 8 needles and worsted weight yarn, and my gauge is spot on, but it seems a bit loose. In any case it should be perfect for a November baby in Austin.

And there will probably be a good deal left over even after I pick through it to make the stripes match up. Maybe I should get on that toy that Susan suggested. I think this might look nice in a dinosaur.


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  1. Rebecca on April 25th, 2008 6:54 am

    If you make a velociraptor dinosaur, I know just the person to give it to!! My friend Susan’s baby is nicknamed V for Velociraptor!

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