These days it seems like everyone I know is pregnant. I’ve been so busy making baby things, that my etsy shop is really suffering. But really, who cares? Teeny tiny clothes are so much fun to make!

Two of my best friends recently discovered that they will be mommies this year, and it’s really got me thinking. I’d love to have another baby to snuggle and love and nurse and be the sibling that Alexis wants so badly, but I don’t know if I can take the long nights or the late feedings. Why does everyone tell you that having two children is exponentially more difficult than one? How does the human race survive – even thrive – when there is that kind of threat on the parents sanity?

p1010003_1.JPG Alexis was/is so good at entertaining herself. You don’t have to run to the next room because it’s too quiet. My aunt who has worked with children in public schools for years, tells us how lucky we are, and that we have no idea what it’s like to have a “normal” child. She raves about how gentle Alexis is, and how you don’t have to worry about her messing with stuff she shouldn’t. And she’s right, we barely did any baby proofing when she was small. I’m afraid of the possibility of getting a “Holy Terror” for a second child.

I also wonder if it isn’t too late for Alexis to have a close friendship with a sibling. At this point, she’d be in 2nd grade before she could even really play with him or her. And even then the baby would only be a year old.

lainiealexissmall_1.jpg Then there is the matter of space, and money. Daycare is ridiculously expensive. The idea of paying upwards of $1000/month for the next five years for childcare just fills me with dread. And this house is already in need of another room but we love it so much there is no way we’re going to move. There is a good place to put that extra space, but again, the cash to do it would be outrageous.

But even with all those fears and worries, I still feel envy for my friends who are embarking on such a rewarding journey. There is just nothing like watching your child grow up. They surprise and delight you every day.
Perhaps that’s why people keep having kids despite the enormous amount of work. So for now, I guess I will have revel in the fact that I’m going to soon meet two new babies, and I will love them almost as much as I love Alexis. And I can spoil them even more rotten because I can give them back to their parents when I’m done.

Congrats ladies.


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  1. Susan on March 30th, 2008 9:17 am

    It seems crazy to willingly give up your sleep, doesn’t it? I’m on the fence about having a second one too, and it’s the sleep (or the promise of sleep once this one gets a bit older) that keeps me from committing. And the expense! You’re so right. That’s a lot of yarn, $1000 a month.

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