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I’m not sure how it happened, but Christmas is less than 10 days away! I wanted to share a quick tutorial with you for a felt Christmas Tree Ornament. If you’re still decorating, or perhaps you need a hostess gift, this little ornament might be just the ticket. And it only takes about 30 minutes to make!

What you need:

Felt. See below.

Beads. 2-4 for the “trunk”, 5 fairly large ones to go between the “branches”, 1 to serve as the “tree topper”, and 15-20 seed beads to make the hanger.

Needle and thread.

This template. (PDF)

What to do:

If you have 3mm felt or thicker, you only need one piece. Most fulled sweaters will be thick enough as is, but all I had on hand was this thin green felt. I decided to take two pieces and quilt them together using random straight lines.

Cut out the templates, and pin them to your felt. Then cut out the felt pieces.

Thread your needle with a longish piece of thread (doubled over) and tie in a knot.

If you’re like me and used two pieces of felt quilted together and you actually care which side is up, then insert the needle into the top of the largest star (if you don’t have a top, then just pick a side and poke), and pull it all the way through. (This hides the knot on the inside)

Next thread your “trunk beads” onto the needle followed by one seed bead and pull it all the way through.

Insert your needle into the trunk bead closest to the seed bead, not the seed bead, and poke it back through the center of the felted star. Pull taut. (I know, “taut” looks weird, but I looked it up and it is right… as we always tell the kids “English is hard”.)

Thread one of the “branch separating beads” and the next largest star onto the stack. Repeat for all remaining stars.

Add your “tree topper” bead. I chose this cute red star, but I have also used large round yellow beads. You can use anything you like, or nothing at all.

Now add the rest of the seed beads. I have these sterling silver seed beads left from ages ago, and I really like them for this application.

After all your seed beads are strung, insert your needle back into your tree topper bead from the top (or into the top star “branch” if you didn’t use a topper bead). Pull your thread all the way through and you should have a loop.

Push the needle back through a couple of “branches” and their separating beads and knot off.

And you’re done! I’ve sold I don’t know how many of these in my etsy shop (now closed), so I hope you enjoy making your own. I’d love to see them, if you make one!


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