Sean got a set of these classic wooden blocks from his aunt, uncle and cousins for Christmas, but check out the storage bag they came with.

Um. No. Or well, maybe I just was looking for an excuse to make this bag from (yet another) tutorial from In Color Order. I tell ya, JeniB has got it going on… This bag is the cutest, easiest thing in the world to whip up.

I used some of the fabrics that Faith destashed a while back, and I am nuts about how the main exterior fabric sort of echos the blocks designs.

Sean is crazy about the bag. Not so much about actually keeping the blocks in it though. I think we picked up all 50 blocks about 50 times this weekend because he would dump them out (with great joy as they made loud noise on the bamboo floors) and then prance around with the bag. Sometimes with the bag on his head. I sort of wonder about that child. Nah… that’s totally the kind of thing Alexis would have done too. ;)

The Fat Quarter Shop (from here in Austin! — ok, Manchaca, but let’s not get picky) has a regular feature of a Blogger’s choice of fat quarters. They ask famous bloggers to choose a fat quarter bundle for other sewers to buy. It’s really really neat to see all the cool combos that the other bloggers come up with.

Well, Laura over at Quokka Quilts thought it would be neat if a not-so famous blogger could get his or her own FQ bundle. So she’s hosting a linky part of blogger’s choice fat quarter bundles comprised of 12 prints and 3 solids, and what’s more, the Fat Quarter Shop is going to actually give away a bundle of half yards to one lucky blogger. Wow. That’s super generous… didn’t Christmas just end?

Erin, of Two More Seconds and Ali at a²(w) are hosting a Tangerine Tango quilt challenge because Pantone’s color of 2012 is Tangerine Tango. Which is really more red than orange, but the challenge is open to all oranges. It might be tough, I don’t have a whole lot of orange fabrics to start with, so I thought it’d be fun to make a palette of nothing but different oranges.

The Quokka Quilts challenge is open until January 15, so if you want to, you still have time to enter. The entries are all so fabulous. :)

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