Wow, I’ve been on a downer kick lately. But yesterday was good. Full of lots of surprises. First thing in the morning, step on the scale and see a weight I haven’t seen since I was nursing Alexis. Of course, then there was a reason for losing so much, and now I don’t know whether to worry or be grateful. I guess I just need stuff to worry about.

Work was pretty good in that I am about this | | close to being done with stuff about a week early.

Get home, fire up Quicken (which sucks for Mac BTW) and start paying bills. Yeah I know, what’s good about paying bills? Well, nothing usually. Usually it’s unbelievably depressing. You know, when you’ve paid all the bills and you have like $32 leftover? Ugh. But yesterday was a big milestone. Another credit card PAID OFF. Then, I went to check our utility bill. Remember when I said we had not turned on the A/C yet? Well we finally gave in and turned it on at the beginning of this month. I was expecting a huge electric bill. With the A/C on, and the pool running more, I was just sure it was going to be astronomical. But NO! It was LESS than last month. WTF? Doing all of this stuff really helps.

But then, there was one more surprise. In the mailbox. And this one is good.


See? I told you it was good. It’s a lace hand dye from Heritage Needlework on Etsy. 50% merino, 50% silk. I don’t know why I needed it, but I did. So now I’m searching for the perfect pattern for 1200ish yards of yummy, shimmery yarn. You know, because I have so much spare time.


And only one more happy note. Friends and I are ducking out of work to go to Alamo Drafthouse at lunch so we can see Sex and the City and drink at the same time.

I’ve got nothin’.




Nothing new to share. I tried to take pictures of the shawl I’m knitting, and of the now 3/4 quilted baby quilt, but the pictures are terrible. I’ve also been ignoring my Etsy shop. I haven’t made anything or listed anything in days weeks. I have a couple of Elefelts in pieces in the sewing room, but I think they might just stay there for a while.

I suppose a lot of it has to do with how draining work has been lately. I’m not even sure why, it’s just trying to meet deadlines, and I’m not really behind, but blah. I’m not upset about it or anything, just completely apathetic about everything lately.

On the other hand, I’ve had a horrible headache for several days. I’ve tried everything. Even exercise — see? you know I’m desperate. I swam 50 laps (about 5oo m) in our pool yesterday for the first time this season, and all I got were sore arms. I mean really painfully sore arms. Usually when I get sore it’s about 2 days before it sets in. Last night, laying on the floor watching TV, I thought my arms might just fall off. And my head hurt more. Go figure. I suppose I’ll have to swim again tonight, just to loosen up the arms.

I also downloaded some software that is supposed to help make writing stories/novels easier. I actually picked something to write about, too. But damn if I haven’t been stalling on writing it. I even organized the desktop on my computer this morning to avoid writing it. Sigh.

Maybe this weekend I’ll find some motivation to write or finish a project or something. But for now, has anyone seen my blankie? I wanna go back to bed.

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