Original Artworks by Jeannette M. Day

To view each piece in more detail, right click it and choose “view image”.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces. As you can see, I really enjoy taking small parts and putting them together to form a picture.

In this first series of three collages, I try to illustrate the voyage I embarked upon in a dream. The first shows: the airport, the second: part of the flight, and the third: the landing and culminating walk to the destination. This collection is meant to be seen side by side, (as I have them hanging in our office) but in the interest of space I’ve stacked them here.



dream collage

The next two collages were created as gifts for people who admired the above set.

collage color orange

collage color

I spent many many hours arranging each 2″x2″ piece of batik fabric into this image. The pieces were connected with a running (hand)stitch so that they overlapped and two raw edges show on each piece. Then I hand quilted it leaving no more than 1/4 inch of space between each row of stiches. The quilting really does make this quilt. The movement of the grasses on the hills and the leaves on the tree are very evident from the stitching.

quilt collage batik

And finally, some paintings. Not my best medium, but one that I do enjoy once I’ve made myself dig out the brushes and paints and easel.

bottlecap brittany painting
yoga fingers link painting

self portrait painting