So I’ve been awfully busy at work lately. Not a whole lot of time for creativeness. I’ve been waiting for the hubster to make good on his promise and take pictures of the latest craftiness. I’ve made a bunch of pillows. And I finished knitting a sock (one more to go!) a project that was inspired by gina.

Also this weekend I bought a serger! Yay… it’s so neat to start sewing the blankets on it and watching them cut the fabric — “like butta“. I hope I’ll be able to turn the blankets out faster as I am supposed to do the Artist’s Market show on March 10. So come out and see me. I need to clean out my closets to make room for new stuff!

Hopefully, soon also, I’ll get some of the pottery back from my class at AMOA. I threw a cool ceramic bird house that I am totally exited about. I can’t wait to see it next week. Speaking of ceramics, I’ve added a bunch of links to the blogroll over there >>>. But Whitney’s has to be my favorite potters blog. She’s so personable, and so good at taking photos of her work, that I aspire to be like her. :)

And I must not forget my etsy friend Muttsywonder (Harrilu). She makes the softest nicest shirts ever… I love wearing mine.


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