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Wowza! So I just sold a bunch of pillows and bags to . Hopefully they’ll be up on her site in the next few days. :) Sheena is such a nice lady! I really enjoyed getting to meet her and show her my things.

I’ve also recentlylisted a bunch of new stuff on my Etsy shop, but the favorite seems to be the elephants.

I also bought a new jelly roll of fabric. Oh geez do I not need more fabric. But I just can’t resist such wonderfully packaged little useless strips of fabric. Especially when they are cut with a pinking edge!!!

So here I sit trying to think how I will trun these little lovelies into a fantastic modern and mature baby quilt. Because, is there any other kind of quilt? Ok, yes there is. There is the quilt that sits on the back of my sewing chair that has been waiting patiently for about 7 years for me to finish quilting it. One day it will happen. I swear.