Got a bunch of stuff back from my second class over the weekend. Whee… It’s so exciting to see what comes out of the kiln after a glaze firing. Funny though, how things change while they’re in there. What was a favorite piece can come out and be ugly as sin. And then there are the pieces that just … SURPRISE!!! I definitely had some of those. For example this was a very unmemorable piece, and when I was looking through all the work searching for mine, I picked this one up thinking, “wow, that’s pretty, and it sorta looks like something I would do”. When I turned it over, I was really shocked to see my very own “jd 07″ on the bottom.

It’s also interesting to me, the differences in what pleases people. Eric Jackson, my instructor, really liked this piece, but me, I’m wishing I’d just used the temakou glaze on it. I’m not crazy about the yellow salt. :(

All in all, though, I’m fairly happy with what I got back. And with my progress thus far. I’m showing some of my collages and paintings at The Big Art Show downtown this week, and I hope it goes well. I mean, it’s just a free show, and I’m sure they’ll let just anyone in. But I’ve had good feed back from people recently, and I just hope I have what it takes to be at least a little successful. I don’t ever expect art to pay my way in the world, but it’d be nice to have the side cash (and the ego strokes.)

So now I leave you with a few more pictures of my favorite pots…

So I’ve been awfully busy at work lately. Not a whole lot of time for creativeness. I’ve been waiting for the hubster to make good on his promise and take pictures of the latest craftiness. I’ve made a bunch of pillows. And I finished knitting a sock (one more to go!) a project that was inspired by gina.

Also this weekend I bought a serger! Yay… it’s so neat to start sewing the blankets on it and watching them cut the fabric — “like butta“. I hope I’ll be able to turn the blankets out faster as I am supposed to do the Artist’s Market show on March 10. So come out and see me. I need to clean out my closets to make room for new stuff!

Hopefully, soon also, I’ll get some of the pottery back from my class at AMOA. I threw a cool ceramic bird house that I am totally exited about. I can’t wait to see it next week. Speaking of ceramics, I’ve added a bunch of links to the blogroll over there >>>. But Whitney’s has to be my favorite potters blog. She’s so personable, and so good at taking photos of her work, that I aspire to be like her. :)

And I must not forget my etsy friend Muttsywonder (Harrilu). She makes the softest nicest shirts ever… I love wearing mine.