It’s been a rather long weekend. Kiddo was sick, so I was home from work on Friday. Not a great thing with a deadline looming ahead. However, I managed to finally full this bag that I knitted over the holidays. It shrunk so much that I was extremely surprised. But, like many things, the end result was a pleasant surprise.

Knitted bag

I also started another painting last week. I need to put some more work into it. This is only the rough in. So far, though, I am really pleased with it. I’ve never done a face before because I’m always worried it won’t look anything like the person I’m painting, and I’ll get frustrated and start throwing things (and not in the constructive way). So here it is, my dear dear husband trying to fix the camera. *Click, OMG I’m blind!!*

Chris painting

So, yesterday I received this in the mail from Metamorphosis at Etsy:

It’s my first skein of merino sock yarn. Hand-dyed, of course!! I never thought I would be the kind of snob who insisted on hand-dyed fibers for at least some of her projects. I mean, honestly, there are lots of beautiful colors available in that mass produced stuff… but I digress…

So, the goal is to try and knit my very first pair of socks. Let me start by saying that I *hate* knitting on more than two needles, and I’ve never been able to get a circular needle to work for me. So am I nuts for trying this? I gotta tell you, that maybe I just want to be like Gina over at yarnbar. She and Susan are making me totally jealous with all their beautiful handknits. I’ve become totally addicted to their blog.

I’m still waiting on my needles (itty bitty ones) from KnitPicks, so in the meantime, I’m mostly just petting and snuggling with the skein.

So pray for me if you do that sort of thing, otherwise, just keep your fingers crossed that I won’t go completely insane trying to finish this project.