So I get an email the other day from my best friend from high school. She’s the one who just got married. Remember? The one that Alexis was the flower girl for? Anyway, in the email is the link to my arch-rival Tiffany’s flickr page. The link was supposedly there so that I could go check out the photos that she took at the wedding. But I know that the real reason it was there was because somehow Tiffany brainwashed Sarah into sending me the link as a way to say “Ha ha bitch, who’s the best friend now? *I* got to take pictures at the wedding”. Yeah well… you’ll get yours!

And if that wasn’t bad enough. I find myself in one of the pictures on the FRONT of her flickr page. In fact, I’m in the picture that is the image to click on to get to the wedding photos. There I am in all my drunken glory (and oh am I a mushy idiot when I’m drunk) hanging on Sarah’s stepmother with my left boob practically hanging out of my dress! Oh, and my arms look fat. And WHY am I always the person who is practically horizontal in pictures?

Tiffany, I will get you for this.